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Application and Scholarship

Application and Scholarship

The proficient team of counselors at Overseas Education Solutions is dedicated to assisting students in a progressive manner, facilitating their pursuit of scholarships across various countries, contingent upon the candidates’ academic performance and accomplishments. Over time, we have achieved considerable success, securing scholarships exceeding 50% for students in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, and the UK. At Overseas Education Solutions, our commitment extends beyond initial efforts; we provide ongoing support to students, aiding them in realizing their educational aspirations.

Value Added Services

Our array of traditional value-added services encompasses comprehensive aid for securing Educational Loans and Financial Aid. We also extend Pre-Departure Briefing sessions, offer assistance with Forex arrangements, and facilitate Travel and Accommodation arrangements. Our commitment goes beyond guiding you to your desired study abroad destination; we prioritize your comfort and well-being upon arrival. Leveraging our extensive alumni network, you gain access to insights into the lifestyle and culture of your chosen study abroad location, easing your transition and ensuring you acclimate seamlessly to the new environment.

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